Git commands cheat sheet

In this article, I am going to share common git commands, that you need every day. I will be adding commands continuously. So, bookmark this page this will help you a lot.

Git Clone
git clone https://YOUR-REPOSITORY
Connecting your existing repository to Git
git remote add origin https://[Your-repo-url-here]
git checkout BRANCH_NAME
Commit all changes
git commit . -m "Here you commit message"
Commit a new folder with files inside it
git commit -m "COMMIT NEW FOLDER"
Push your changes to a branch
git push origin [Bnrach_NAME]
List your all branches
git branch -a
To check your current branch (Please note that your branch would have * at the start. For example if you are on master => * master)
git branch
Delete a Local GIT branch
git checkout BRANCH_NAME
Delete a remote GIT branch
git push -d origin <branch_name>
Git stash with name
git stash save "Name stash here"
List existing Stashes
git stash list
Apply stash (Find number from above command)
git stash apply stash@{0}
Setting or Changing remote URL
git remote set-url origin [REPO URL HERE]
Create a branch and push to remote
git checkout -b [BRANCH NAME]
git push -u origin [BRANCH NAME]

These are a few commands. I will be adding more git commands frequently.

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