How to Change Build System in Xcode

Apple has released Xcode¬†New Build System for fast & speedy builds. It’s by default enabled now from Xcode 10+. But sometimes we face some issues while using the new Build System. It also happens that a project is running with the old Legacy Build system but not with the new Build System. In Xcode, we still have the option to change the project build system either the Legacy or to the new one. In this simple article, I will show you how to alter the build system in Xcode.

Change Build System in Workspace Settings

To change the build system in Xcode either to the new one or legacy build system, in your Xcode navigate to File -> Workspace Settings. It will open the Workspace settings window as shown in the following screenshots.

Open workspace settings in Xcode
Open workspace settings in Xcode
Change Build System in Xcode
Change Build System

In the Workspace settings window, you will see a dropdown to change the Build System. We can either use the New Build System here or we can use the Legacy Build System. No need to modify other settings, just press Done after choosing.

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