Increase Files Upload/Download Speed in FileZilla

In this article, we will show you how to Increase Files Upload/Download Speed in FileZilla. The speed of file transfer depends on various factors such as the ISP limit or the speed limit of your server, but we can achieve faster improvements by changing the configuration in Filezilla software.

By default, the FTP Client FileZilla is set up with minimal settings that limit the high connection speed to the FTP server. however, if you change the setting then you will speed up FileZilla and increase your FTP transfer speed.

Steps to Increase Upload/Download Speed in FileZilla

New FTP Connection in FileZilla

For creating a new connection first run the FileZilla and create a connection by the FTP host File -> Site Manager -> New Site.

New FTP Connection in FileZilla

FTP Server Connection

Now set up the FTP hostname and password to connect with the server.

FTP Server Connection

Speed Up FileZilla FTP

FTP servers mostly limit the upload file speed for sessions. You can upload multiple files at the same time in different sessions by FTP.
By clicking on the Transfer Settings you can enable the option and change the maximum number of connections to 10. By doing this you can download or upload 10 files in parallel threads by the FTP client, which speeds up the while transferring multiple files.

Increase Files Upload/Download Speed in FileZilla

If you want to change the default FileZilla setting for a new FTP connection, then click on the menu button Edit -> Settings -> Transfers. Under the Transfer section, you can see the change Maximum Simultaneous Transfers and change it to 10.

Maximum Simultaneous Transfers

That how you will increase your connection speed with the servers to achieve the highest download and upload speeds.

 That’s it. This is how to Increase Files Upload/Download Speed in FileZilla.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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