Java8 Core API Improvements

In this article, we will learn about the Java8 Core API Improvements. A few different API improvements that might come in handy includes

  • Static ThreadLocal with Initial method (Provider provider) to easily create instances.
  • The user interface improves with many standard and static modes for natural layout, inverted layout, etc.
  • Therefore min(), max(), and sum() methods in the wrapper classes Integer, Long and Double.
  • LogicalAnd(), LogicalOr(), and LogicalXor() methods in the Boolean class.
  • – method to get an ordered stream for the entries of the ZIP file. The entries appear in the feed in the order in which they appear in the central directory of the ZIP file.
  • Several useful methods in the Math class.
  • The jjs command is added to call the rhino engine.
  • The jdeps command is added to parse class files
  • The JDBC-ODBC bridge has been removing.
  • The PermGen storage space delete

That’s all are the brief points of Java8 Core API Improvements.

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