Module Not Deployed See The Server Log For Details

Module Not Deployed is a common error when you just installed Netbeans and deploying a new Java Web App. This issue occurs due to many different reason and solutions are given below

Module Not Deployed

Solution 1

  1. Go to “Task Manager”
  2. Choose the “Processes” tab
  3. Click on “Java(TM) Platform SE Binary”
  4. Click on the “End Process” button
  5. Go to your NetBeans project
  6. Clean & Build the project

Solution 2

  1. Download and unzip: Apache tomcat 8.0.39
  2. Add the Apache tomcat server to your project
  3. Then go to; Netbeans -> Preferences -> Proxy Settings -> select “No Proxy” option (i guess you’re using MacOsx)

Solution 3

Sometimes error occur Module Not Deployed when the user has changed some files and did not save those files correctly then run the project this error will occur. To solve this issue must see the server log where you can find the file which not saves correctly or issue in saving the changes.

Solution 4

  • Check if there any other instance of the server is running already
  • Check if the port that will be used by the server is free.

Solution 5

  1. Go to Netbeans services
  2. Remove Apache Tomcat.
  3. Add Apache Tomcat again.
  4. Build Project.
  5. Deploy Project
Module Not Deployed See The Server Log For Details

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