Java ThreadLocal example

Java Thread Local use to generate local thread settings. We know that all threads on an object share its variable, so the variable thread is not safe. We can also use sync to protect the variable. Alternatively, we can use thread local variables to prevent synchronization and we learn about the Java ThreadLocal example. Each […]

Java 8 Features with Examples

In this article, we will take a look at Java 8 Features with Examples. Java 8 features Overview Some of the key features of Java 8 are forEach() method in the Iterable interface Standard and static methods in interfaces Functional interfaces and lambda expressions Java Stream API for bulk data operations for collections Java time […]

NIO Read File Java Example

Learn how to use the Java NIO APIs to read a file from the file system using buffer, channel, and path classes. In this article, we will learn about NIO Read File Java Example. 1. FileChannel and ByteBuffer for reading small files Use this technique to read a small file where all of the contents […]

try-with-resources in Java 7

Java 7 brought great features for lazy Java developers. Try-with-resources in Java 7 is one of those functions that shortens the line of code and makes the code more robust. In this tutorial, I’ll be discussing things around this feature. The old way of cleaning up resources (before Java 7) For example. read a file […]

Difference between Oracle 18C and 19C

In this article, we will learn why it is important to upgrade databases from 18C to 19C and what is the difference between Oracle 18C and 19C. Version 18C Oracle Version 18C is one of the last versions to release as a stand alone database. This stand-alone database is self-locking and self-repairing. Version 18C is […]

Difference between Oracle 12C and 19C

In this article, we will learn why it is important to upgrade databases from 12C to 19C and what is the difference between Oracle 12C and 19C. Version 12C In 2014, Oracle officially released Version 12C, the first in the C-Series, this high-performance RDBMS is denoted with a C instead of a G. Because it […]

Show Local Notification in Swift IOS

In this article, we will learn how to show local Notification in Swift IOS. Local Notifications are simple and can add more value to your application. Ask For Notification Permission from User The UNUserNotificationCenter manages the activities relate to the notification. To use the notification the user needs to be asked for permission with the […]

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