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It’s a common requirement in the Apps to load images from remote URLs. React Native Image component automatically keeps images in the cache for future use and fast loading. But the very first time it can take time to download an image from a remote URL. Sometimes it looks weird when the image comes after a few seconds and it affects user experience. Here its described how to Preload Images in React Native.

You can use the following method to Prefetch images before actually showing it to the user. Usually, we can call this function at the start of the App to download Images and keep in cache. So that it should be loaded fast when it is actually required to populate in React Native Image component.

Method to Preload Images In React Native

preloadImages(urlOfImages) { // an array of urls of images
     let preFetchTasks = [];

    try {
      let downloadedAll = true;
              //error occurred downloading a pic
              downloadedAll = false;


How to Use preloadImages() method?

var urlOfImages = [];
urlOfImages.push("image_1_url"); // Replace it with your actual URL

This method downloads images and saves it in the cache. Now you can load Your images in React Native Image component with URL, as you normally do. And it should be loaded fast from the cache.

Load image in Image component from remote URL

<Image source={{uri: "image_1_url"}} style={{width: 30, height: 30}} resizeMode="stretch" />

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ You can use this method for both Android & IOS.

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