Put Constant Non-editable Text in EditText Android

Sometimes we have to put constant non-editable text in EditText in Android. For example, when we have to take phone number as input we can put fix country code as a prefix. In the case of website address as input, we can put “https://” as hardcoded string at the start. For this purpose, you can use the following method in Java.

public static void AddConstantTextInEditText(EditText edt, String text) {

    Selection.setSelection(edt.getText(), edt.getText().length());

    edt.addTextChangedListener(new TextWatcher() {
        public void onTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int before, int count) {
        public void beforeTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int count, int after) {
        public void afterTextChanged(Editable s) {
                Selection.setSelection(edt.getText(), edt.getText().length());

You can just pass your EditText object and a String to this method as shown in the following code.

EditText etWebsite = findViewById(R.id.et_website);
AddConstantTextInEditText(etWebsite, "https://");

How it Works?

This method adds a TextChangedListener to the EditText and if the prefix text is removed it automatically adds it again.

That’s it 🙂

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