Solution: Failed to load Info.plist from bundle at path in Xcode

Recently I came across this Error in Xcode while I am trying to install my App on the simulator. The error message says that,
“This app could not be installed at this time. Failed to load Info.plist from bundle at path …”

The screenshot of the error popup is the following.

Failed to load Info.plist from bundle at path


1. remove use_frameworks! from Podfile

First of all remove use_frameworks! from your Podfile. Its usually present on the top under your target name.

2. Run pod install command

Then run pod install command in your terminal to inform Cocoapods that you have removed use_frameworks! from your pod file.

3. Delete Content of Derived Data Folder

Now before installing App again delete content of your Derived Data folder. To navigation to Derived Data folder, follow the steps shown in the following screenshots.

In your Xcode, navigate to
File -> Workspace Settings

Workspace Settings in xcode

Click on the following error to navigate to Derive Data Folder.

Derived Data Folder Path

Now clear whole content of Derived Data folder.

After following all the above steps you can run the App and this time you should not see the error “Failed to load Info.plist from bundle at path”.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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