UI Object Random Movement in Unity 3D

It’s a common requirement in designing GUI in Unity to move & animate few UI Game Objects randomly over the screen. Following C# Script will help you in UI object random movement in Unity 3D & 2D. You can attach this script to any UI object which you want to move randomly over the screen.

UI Object Random Movement in Unity
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It is assumed that the name of your canvas in the objects hierarchy is “Canvas”.

C# Script for UI Object Random Movement in Unity

using UnityEngine;

public class UIObjectRandomMovement : MonoBehaviour

    RectTransform canvas;
    RectTransform currentObj;
    public float speed;
    float horizontalSpeedMultiplier = 1f; // +1 moves right, -1 moves left
    float verticalSpeedMultiplier = -1f; // +1 moves upward, -1 moves downward

    void Start()
        currentObj = gameObject.GetComponent<RectTransform>();
        canvas = GameObject.Find("Canvas").GetComponent<RectTransform>();

    void Update()
        transform.Translate(horizontalSpeedMultiplier * speed, verticalSpeedMultiplier * speed, 0f);

        if (currentObj.position.y > canvas.rect.height)
            verticalSpeedMultiplier = -1f; // now start moving downward

        if (currentObj.position.y < 0f)
            verticalSpeedMultiplier = 1f; // now start moving upward

        if (currentObj.position.x < 0f)
            horizontalSpeedMultiplier = 1f; // now start moving towards right

        if (currentObj.position.x > canvas.rect.width)
            horizontalSpeedMultiplier = -1f; // now start moving towards left

You can set any float value as a Speed. 2.0f is the normal speed. When horizontalSpeedMultiplier is +1 object will move towards the right and in case of negative 1 will move towards the left. When verticalSpeedMultiplier is -1 it will move downwards and in case of +1 will move upward. That’s it 🙂

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