Xcode Error: Multiple commands produce

“Multiple commands produce” is a common Error in Xcode when we build our App. In this article, I am going to show you the simplest solution to solve it.

Reason of Xcode Error: Multiple commands produce

There can be multiple reasons for this error. Sometimes upgrading the Xcode version causes this error. Or sometimes adding a new Pod/Framework starts giving this error. It can happen when we import a third-party framework to our project and it has info.plist in its source files. This info.plist conflicts with your app’s one and you see this error. In that scenario Just removing Framework’s info.plist from Build Phases solves the problem. You can find the main reason for this error in this official documentation.

Solution 1: Switch to Legacy Build System

A common solution to this problem is to change the build system to the Legacy build system. For that just go to File -> Workspace Settings and change your Build system to Legacy Build System as shown in the following screenshots.

Multiple commands produce
Workspace Settings in Xcode
Legacy Build System in Xcode
Legacy Build System in Xcode

Solution 2: Remove Plist from Build Phases

In Xcode click on your project in the left Navigation pane and navigate to the following path

Your Target -> Build phases > Copy Bundle Resources

Here you can remove the extra Plist file, which is causing the problem. Its also shown in the following screenshot.

That’s it. As I described at the beginning, there can be multiple reasons & solutions for this problem, if you face any other reason, don’t hesitate to mention in the comments below.

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